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UPDATE:  July 21, 2023

After several years of attempted identity theft of the Miss American Teen name, logo, products and services, we are please to report that Charlotte Gerry and her daughters, Jireh Gerry and Katia Gerry, were unsuccessful.  The Gerrys were forced to re-brand their organization to, "Miss National American Teen & Collegiate Pageant," and cease using the name, "Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant" (our registered trademark).  The Gerrys can no longer claim that Miss American Teen belongs to them, or that it is "presenting, introducing, sponsoring" or in any way affiliated with National American Teen & Collegiate.  Their former corporate name, MISS AMERICAN TEEN AND COLLEGIATE PAGEANT, INC., which was a violation of our trademark, was officially changed to MISS NATIONAL AMERICAN TEEN & COLLEGIATE PAGEANT, INC. on the official records at the Secretary of State for the state of Florida.  

In furtherance of their scheme, the Gerrys perpetrated a fraud upon the Court system by filing a lawsuit against Miss American Teen's director replete with lies and false allegations and claims of being victims (rather than perpetrators) of corporate identity theft.  Charlotte Gerry and her daughters' behavior can be called nothing short of sociopathic in nature.  The dispute in Court did not end until we took affirmative action in the form of a Complaint to the Florida Bar regarding the Gerry's attorney, who was helping them perpetrate this fraud.  The attorney withdrew from their case forcing Charlotte Gerry to withdraw the bogus lawsuit with prejudice (i.e., can never be filed again).  To that we say, good riddance.

Dr. Charlotte Gerry did indeed lose her right to practice dentistry in the state of Florida based on several proven acts of professional misconduct and malpractice.  Jireh Gerry and Katia Gerry have apparently embarked on careers as TikTok models. 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                               Contact:

 October, 2018                                                                                                          Betty Davis, Executive Director


Statement regarding Charlotte Gerry, Jireh Gerry, Stay Gorgeous Girls and former Florida Directorship

Miami, Florida:   In response to numerous inquiries, the Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant (R), MATC, through it's parent company, Miss American Teen Scholarship Pageant, Inc., would like to address questions regarding Dr. Charlotte Gerry of Jacksonville, Florida and her claims of ownership of our pageant.


MATC has retained legal counsel to combat activities which we believe to be fraudulent being perpetrated by Charlotte Gerry and her daughters Jireh Gerry and Katia Gerry.  Our position is that through their non-profit, Stay Gorgeous Girls (note 1), the Gerrys have perpetrated a scheme to defraud our organization and are currently misleading the public in an impersonation scheme for financial gain.  We intend to enforce a non-compete agreement and seek both compensatory and punitive damages against the Gerrys for trademark infringement. Based on applicable case law, including Organizacion Miss Latina, Inc. v. Ramirez Urquidi, et al U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida, whereby a former state director was held liable for impersonating a national pageant, misappropriating their logos and conducting an intentional scheme to confuse the public, we believe MATC will prevail in Court.

One of the claims made by Charlotte Gerry is that she was a "Co-Founder" and/or an "Equity Partner" of our pageant production company. This claim is provably false. Dr. Gerry agreed to the terms of our State Affiliate Agreement when she accepted the position of State Director for Florida as an Independent Contractor on June 15, 2018 [See Proof of Status Exhibits]. She paid an affiliate fee of $350 for the rights to use our name, logos and organizational resources to produce a state pageant.  It is inconceivable that anyone would pay to obtain rights they allegedly own.  Her legal relationship with our company was memorialized in the Invoice she paid that referred directly to the Affiliate Agreement for terms.  She re-affirmed the affiliate agreement personally in writing on June 15, 2018 at 7:16 PM (EST).  Any statements of "ownership" of the Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant (R), the organization she represented for three months, is completely false.   


On September 27, 2018, in an apparent attempt to mislead the public, Charlotte Gerry, Jireh Gerry and Katia Gerry created an impostor corporation in Florida using our registered trademark name and began impersonating our national pageant. Unfortunately, the Gerrys have absolutely no experience producing a pageant and Dr. Charlotte Gerry's background investigation has revealed serious issues that should cause concern to anyone doing business with her. [See our public announcement below] 

It is very unlikely that Dr. Gerry and her daughters will deliver any pageants, even if MATC were not enforcing the non-compete agreement.  Therefore, as a consolation for cancelling the Florida State Pageant, MATC will accept applications from qualified Florida residents who signed up (or inquired) on our website, including during her directorship.  We will offer all Florida residents a position in the National Pageant as a Regional titleholder with the  promotional pricing of our "Tag-a-Queen" contest winners ($460).  We cannot, however, provide any credits for monies paid to Dr. Gerry as she alone received and is responsible for, those funds.


We hope that this opportunity provides girls who planned to compete at the state pageant a better alternative with a proven organization having an established track record. Despite the challenges of dealing with this negativity and the related legal issues, we are excited with anticipation and planning for the National Pageant. We are also enjoying meeting all of the new delegates and their families, ordering their sashes and helping them with their platforms, as well as helping them prepare for Nationals.  Our goal remains to deliver a first-class pageant which provides the girls a fun experience, a bond of sisterhood and opportunities to pursue their professional and philanthropic goals.


Note 1-  Although allegedly formed in 2013 by Jireh Gerry, Stay Gorgeous Girls has never sought or attained non-profit status from the IRS, nor has it ever sought legal organization by incorporation or fictitious name.  Between 2013 and late 2016, the organization operated "off the books" until the formation of a Florida corporation named, "Shoes for Africa and More, Inc." was filed in Florida. According to the Stay Gorgeous Girls website, SGG is a "doing business as" entity of "Shoes" despite never having made a legal Fictitious Name filing.  



(All Reports consist of official Public Records available online for the State of Florida and Duval County, Florida. Individuals have no privacy rights with regards to official public records.)

Unqualified Director.jpg


Fake Instagram.jpg


Before giving money to Dr. Gerry on the promise of a "perfect first pageant," parents and participants should be aware that Dr. Gerry has no experience in pageantry production and has never directed a pageant, nor has she managed a business other than a small dental practice (which closed in bankruptcy and lawsuits).  Be warned!

Read below to see what Dr. Gerry's patients have said about her and make your own decision if this is someone you think is honest, reliable and worthy of being a role model to your daughter. She literally begged MATC's National Director to set her daughter up in a pageantry business as a fundraiser for their charity.  Now, she's claiming "ownership" of the national pageant that has been in the works for years by our director who has run a local and state pageant for four years as a non-profit organization. The Gerry's defaulted without paying their debts, attempted to steal MATC through impersonation and provided false and misleading information to the public. It seems "no good deed goes unpunished". 


PROOF that Dr. Charlotte Gerry was an Independent Contractor State Director (Florida) and purchased a license to use the MATC name, logos and systems to run a state pageant. (The actual Affiliate Agreement is proprietary and will only be released for official and legal purposes.)

PROOF that JIREH GERRY received the entire MISS FLORIDA TEEN AMERICA PAGEANT under MATC and did not start a pageant "from scratch" as she and her mother allege. 

PROOF that the Facebook account, "MFLATEEN" (currently controlled by Charlotte Gerry) was created in 2016 as "Miss Florida Teen America - Sara Gee" and not "from scratch" on September 27, 2018 as the Gerry's claim. Jireh was given access with over 800 followers and subsequently stole the account after Ms. Davis made her an administrator.  Not paid for.

Page History - MFLATeen

PROOF that Instagram account for @MissFLAmericanTeen was Miss Florida Teen America according to the page's Instagram Account History.  This account was transferred to Jireh Gerry with 900 followers (also wasn't paid for).

Instagram History

PROOF that their national website  was not "from scratch" as the Gerry's claim. As of January 2019, their website still contained a page titled, "2018-state-finalists" which contains the April 2018 delegates from Ms. Davis' Miss Florida Teen America Pageant.  The entire website was transferred to Jireh Gerry, which was not paid for.  (See printout and screenshot) 

SCREENSHOT (Example #2 where Ms. Davis' Privacy Statement from 2016 for Miss Florida Teen American and her business address had not been changed in the website she transferred to Jireh Gerry. Clearly the Gerry's have no relation to Royal Pageantry, Miss South Miami-Dade Teen, Miss Florida Teen America, Dollars For Scholars Miami, all entities owned and controlled by Betty Davis.  


PROOF that CHARLOTTE GERRY, JIREH GERRY and KATIA GERRY are listed as Officers of a new corporation filed with the State of Florida on September 27, 2018, more than three months AFTER executing a contract with Miss American Teen Scholarship Pageant, Inc. to be State Directors for the MISS AMERICAN TEEN AND COLLEGIATE PAGEANT.  All of the registrations for the Florida Preliminary, until this date, were signed up on our website, and we maintain all of the personal data and applications submitted.  We also own and control Charlotte Gerry's email address, "" which was a requirement for state directors. 

Background Investigation


1 - 2 - 3

(Subject:  Charlotte Gerry)


Dr. Charlotte Gerry

Dr. Charlotte Gerry

What Do Her Customers Say About Her?

Read for yourself...some of the many words used to describe Dr. Gerry, DMD:

"lies," "ripoff," "claims to be a woman of God," "stay away from her," "twists things," "huge rip off," "fraud," "false advertisement" "run the other way"   [Public records]


Click logo for more actual reviews

Smile Designs by Dr Charlotte Gerry

3 reviews

Average Rating:  One Star 

"...She has done sooo much wrong, that I CANNOT even start..............She claims to be a woman of God, I would like to know which God it is, certainly NOT mine....STAY AWAY from her..she'll offer free bleaching, cleaning...just to get you in there. She will then make you worse, did I mention DO NOT DO IMPLANTS..they will literally fall out..........."


Click logo for full actual review

Complaint Review: Smile Designs - Jacksonville Florida

"Smile Designs Dr Charlotte Gerry We can give you new teeth if we can make them stay in your mouth! "

"...Dr Gerry starts looking in mouth for implants and finds another one sticking thru the front of my gums (again this was supposed to be screwed into my jawbone) so she tells me that "your mouth rejected these 2 implants" No they didn't they were never put in properly. So now I'm told that I'm just out the money on those 2 & need a different procedure for more money. We haven't even done 2 top implants or 2 bottom implants. This Dr is a ripoff who promises complete jobs then screws them up & tries to get more money. DONOT use this dentist I am filing complaints everywhere & with the state medical board!

So if you see ads for SMILE DESIGNS of Jacksonville by Dr Charlotte Gerry run the other way!!! "

Rate Mds logo.jpg
857 SW Main Blvd Lakeland FL.jpg


Closed Dental Practice at 8750 Perimeter


Click logo for more actual reviews

Rate MDs rating.jpg

Average Rating:  1.6 of 5


"This dr is doing work on patients with a suspended license.she can't even pay her staff and bills on time.i feel very sorry for the patients that come her because I know the work is nowhere near done right.knowing that ever thing fails from rootcanal and implants. If i could I would shut thus office down. To much fraud and very unsanitary."

"Rip off . Overpriced. False advertisement. Claims she is a Christian , actions prove wrong. Will never go there again."

"Jacksonville, I agree with the presiding patients, she's a crook as I was told. Avoid her at all cost. If I could rate her a zero I surely would. She is a disgrace to her profession if she is in the profession and not an imposter. Her staff is not much better. I had implants too, paid for one thing and got something else and over paid for that. She is perpetrating a Christian. Though I am not going to judge her Christian or not, God will do that and she will have to answer to him. Amen."


Click logo for more actual reviews

Dr. Charlotte S Gerry - Reviews

General Dentistry Jacksonville, FL

12 reviews

Average Rating:  1.7 of 5

"Avoid her at all cost. She has complaints filed against her with the Dental Board and was found guilty of incompetence."

Self-verified patient of Dr. Charlotte S Gerry - Posted on May 19th, 2015

"This doctor is very incompetent. She lies a lot than twists things to blame the patients for her mistakes . She employes a switch and bait strategy. Dealing with her was a traumatic experience that put my life on hold because she kept messing up and took up lot of my time to fix her mistakes. She misdiagnoses your case so she can recommend expensive treatments that don't fix your dental problem. Less than a week in, my veneer fell off during a conversation with a co-worker. To give you a perspective, this was the least of her mistakes.... "

Vitals Summary.jpg


(Extensive record on file as Defendant, too numerous to list here)


Bankruptcy Dr Gerry DMD.jpg
Bankruptcy 2 Dr Gerry DMD.jpg


2016 Home Foreclosure.jpg


TAX LIENS 2012-2015 PHOTO.jpg
TAX LIEN 2014  PHOTO.jpg



Florida Department of Health Disciplinary Board


License Number: DN14223

According to the Florida Department of Health Disciplinary Board, Dr. Charlotte Gerry has had eight professional complaints against her license resulting in disciplinary actions, judgments for payment of penalties, fees and refunds, and/or license SUSPENSION.   


Links to Formal Complaints, License Suspension, Restrictions and Corrective Action Required

(Click case number for documents)

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