How To Qualify

You can qualify to compete in the International Pageant in several ways:

Ways To Qualify For the International Pageant

  1. Compete in a Preliminary competition. If you are the winner, your International Sponsorship fee will be paid by the state pageant. Note, other costs of participation apply.

  2. If there is no preliminary competition covering your state or country, you can apply directly to Internationals for an Appointed title.

  3. Legacy queens who have previously competed are invited to compete again with an Appointed title, even if there is a preliminary in their home state or country.

All delegates will compete for international titles in their division.

*The Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant reserves the right to change the hotel venue with reasonable advance notice.



Note:  Applicable Division is determined by the participant's age as of the first day of the International Pageant. If a delegate's birthday is within a few months of Internationals, she may opt to go to the next level division if approved by the International or State/Country Director. 

Sr. Division (Miss American Teen and Collegiate Pageant)

Jr. Teen (13 - 15 years)

Teen  (16 - 18 years)

Collegiate  (19 - 22 years)

Latina (Optional Pageant, 13-22 years)

Jr. Division (Miss American Teen Princess Pageant)

Jr. Princess / Princess  (6 - 12 years)