Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pageant is Miss American Teen?

We are a scholarship pageant which promotes personal development, community service, the arts and education. We are classified as a "natural to semi-glitz" pageant -- we do not promote excessive make-up on young girls and prefer a youthful appearance, age appropriate makeup and attire and a polished look that makes the delegate feel confident. We encourage girls and young women to put their best foot forward in an authentic way. Prior pageant experience is not necessary to participate; we offer pageantry training and seminars for beginners.

Who is eligible to compete?

Registrants who meet eligibility requirements become delegates at the International pageant finals, unless there exists a preliminary pageant in their country, state or territory. In all cases, delegates must be no younger than 4 years old, and no older than 23 years old on the first day of the International Pageant in the year in which they compete. Delegates must also be single, never married, nor pregnant, nor have given birth to a child, and must be female. We no longer impose residency requirements.

What are residency requirements?

Delegates can apply for a country, state or regional title regardless of residency. We prefer that delegates for international titles have a connection to the country by either birth, residency or heritage.

How much does it cost to participate in the international pageant?

There is no application fee to become a member of Miss American Teen. If a member is interested in competing in a pageant, once she completes eligibility, the Sponsorship Fee (or Preliminary Pageant Fee) must be paid before she receives her title, crown and sash. If the delegate chooses, she may register for optional competitions and activities. A delegate who qualifies through participating in a state, country, or regional preliminary pageant has their Sponsorship Fee paid by the preliminary pageant. However, the International Package fee and other costs for participation will apply (such as optional social activities).

Delegates are responsible for payment of their travel expenses, lodging at the host hotel, competition wardrobe, and incidentals.


How can I tell if the Miss American Teen Pageant is a good fit for me?

Our pageant style is fashion-forward and we serve the needs of young ladies who seek to develop their personal brands in preparation for careers in the public eye. From a model walking the catwalk, to an attorney in the courtroom, or a television reporter in front of the camera -- we build upon your confidence and help you take your skills to the next level. At our International Pageant you will meet young women from around the globe, with similar goals, as well as industry professionals to build a network of contacts and lifelong friends to skyrocket you to where you deserve to be.

Miss American Teen International is looking for fabulous girls to wear crowns. If you're on your way to success in your school and community, comfortable in your own skin and a role model to your peers -- we're the pageant for you. Let us show you how to take your personal profile to the next level to achieve your dreams. Use your title to open doors, advance your philanthropy, make personal appearances and create opportunities. New to pageantry? No problem! We help you train for the stage and provide tools for success along the way -- you can do this!

Can I get a modeling or talent agent by participating in the pageant?

Yes!  Upon signing up for our International Pageant, delegates receive a full year of professional representation by a "mother" agent and hosting of their professional portfolio on our affiliate modeling agency website, Trendsetter Model Management at This opportunity is reserved for serious inquiries only and talent is expected to adhere to industry standards in every respect.  Investments in your own career, such as professional photography, training classes, and coaching, is also expected. The goal of a mother agency is to discover and train talent and sign them with larger agencies in international markets. 

If selected for a state or country/territory title, am I allowed to compete in other pageants?

International titleholders receive an appearance contract for their spokesmodel work; they are free to participate in other pageants. However, any delegate who receives a state or country title in a preliminary competition must fulfill her obligations to her preliminary pageant and not participate in another pageant that prevents her from promoting her title and crowning her successor. Appointed titleholders have no restrictions.

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